Leevi's Alchemy by T9LET

Leevi's Alchemy was featured in ImNotArt's Community Gallery #20 curated by I.C. Stars Milwaukee and The Marcus Performing Arts Center.


T9LET is an artist who creates digital artworks on the Tezos blockchain. Her portfolio showcases her unique style and vision, inspired by culture, geometry, and spirituality. She uses the Tezos platform to mint her artworks as non-fungible tokens (NFTs), which are verifiable and scarce digital assets. By doing so, she supports the Tezos ecosystem, which is a decentralized and energy-efficient blockchain network that aims to foster innovation and collaboration.

Modern Jazz in Milwaukee by T9LET

Modern jazz in Milwaukee is the title of a new art piece by T9LET. Using sound and visuals to create immersive experiences. The piece is inspired by the history and culture of jazz music in the city, and abstract animations. The piece aims to capture the spirit and diversity of jazz, and to celebrate its influence on Milwaukee's artistic scene.

Tiara Nicole T9LET

Tiara Nicole T9LET is a multifaceted artist who expresses herself through various mediums and platforms. She is a self-taught artist who creates fan art, cover art and original art inspired by various themes and genres. She is also an author, radio personality, tarot reader and web 3.0 enthusiast who explores the intersection of art, technology and spirituality.


T9LET partnered with Metaverse Publishing to create their 1st interactive NFT book the "Metaseer's Prophecy." The book about the cheese inspired community.

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